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Loesje de Bree

Artist, Raglan, New Zealand

About My Work

Portraying the human experience with a bit of me and a bit of you…

Beneath, above or beyond we are invited to discover the inner child still residing within each and every one of us. Holding the worldview of this child close to our adult- hearts often leaves a smile on our face and pays tribute to our shared humanity.

As an arts therapist and counsellor for many years, the creative process has been my preferred means of communication with others as well as with myself!

The rich meanings of images speak their own language and/or compliment our spoken language…

Painting full-time since 2020 as a multi-media artist, I explore colours, marks and textures on a daily basis, creating and then leaving behind a trail of visual narratives.

Loesje de Bree, 2022


Recent Work

Almost Black and White

Sing Me A Song

Beach Babes

Straight from the Muse

Recent Work

Click images below to see larger view.

Put Seeds in Your Pocket

“Put the seeds in your pocket, they will grow wherever you will lay your head!”
Inspired by conversation between Ukranian lady and Russian soldier…
Acrylics and mixed media, 610×914mm, $850

Intuitive, passionate and legs that go on forever...!

Acrylics and mixed media, 610×914mm, $850

All you need is LOVE

Acrylics and mixed media, 610×914mm, $850

Kei te moe koe? (Regarding Karioi, Raglan)

Acrylics and mixed media, 122cmx91cm, $1250

Me Time

Acrylics and mixed media, 30cmx40cm, $280

Sounding just like Adele…!

Acrylics and mixed media, 76x38cm, recycled canvas, $600


The Song Birds


I made a muffin, just for you!

Acrylics and mixed media, 60x50cm, $450

Uke Practice

Acrylics and mixed media, 38x78cm, $450

You go your way, I'll go mine...

Acrylics, framed, 56cmx71cm, $850

Almost Black and White

Click images below to see larger view.

Definitely not gonna share this one!

Acrylics and mixed media, 60x45cm, recycled canvas, $600

On the Side Line

Acrylics and mixed media, 76x76cm, $600

"Even if I would know that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree..." (Martin Luther)

Acrylics and mixed media, 56x71cm, $600

Sing Me A Song

Click images below to see larger view.

Against the Wind

Recycled canvas, 78x38cm, $450

Let’s give them something to talk about!

46x46cm, recycled canvas, $450

I love it when we’re cruising together

Sold by The Wharf Gallery, Raglan

Beach Babes

Click images below to see larger view.

An interesting conversation ...

Acrylics and mixed media, 102x76cm, recycled canvas, $1450

And the conversation continues!

Acrylics and mixed media, 76x76cm, recycled canvas, $1450

This is all I have to say about that!

Acrylics and mixed media, 76x102cm, recycled canvas, $1450

Straight from the Muse

Click images below to see larger view.

The Buskers

Sold by The Wharf Gallery, Raglan

Table for Two

Sold by The Wharf Gallery, Raglan

About Me

I arrived to live in New Zealand in 1982, from the Netherlands.

Working creatively in many different media like textiles, papier mache, harakeke and clay, informs how I approach the painting process: I play with colours, shapes, forms and texture as a dynamic base for the imagery, super imposed in lines. From there a dance between background/foreground starts to happen and finishes when the story has become clear…

My formal training in the arts has been through the Learning Connexion in Wellington, dipl. in art and creativity, followed by a master in Art Therapy at Whitecliffe, Auckland.

Recently retired from the health sector, I now live and paint in Raglan. I enjoy the beautiful West coast and the diversity of its people.

Contact Me

For further details and to purchase any artwork:

Loesje de Bree
022 087 3646

I am also part of the Raglan Art collective and can be found on their website:


My work is also regularly exhibited at The Wharf Gallery, Raglan:


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